Women’s Work in Evlantis

The Queendom, ruled by women for women, elevates the relationship between mother and daughter above all others. Motherhood is recognized as the single greatest and most valuable occupation a woman can have. Any woman who bears a daughter is supported by the state until the daughter reaches the age of sector choosing. 

Once a daughter comes of age, every woman below a royal level must do some type of work to live comfortably in the city. Though a food allotment is given to the poorest of citizens, most women choose to engage in meaningful activity that produces a means to provide not only for food and upkeep on their homes, but for more extravagant needs: elegant clothing, a night out at the theater, or gossip parlor subscriptions. Of course, women who are barren, or not chosen to bear a child (or worse…give birth to sons) are never supported by the state and work their entire adult lives in some occupation that serves the city.

While heavy labor in the Queendom is done by slaves (mankind) there are many occupations they are prohibited from, leaving many acceptable work opportunities for non-royal women of Evlantis. There are sector specific jobs: committee members, farmers, physicians, teachers, priestesses, artisans, herders, clothiers, and soldiers. Then there are trades any woman in Evlantis may choose to work in, such as:

Owning or working for a Gossip Parlor or Gossip Paper

Serving a Royal at a Palace

Owning or working at a stall in the Queendom’s marketplace

Any job in the entertainment business (acting, writing, music, comedy, etc.)

Working in a Queendom theater in any capacity

Some work is held in higher esteem than others, even among the common citizens women recognize a type of pecking order. Teachers are held in the highest esteem, while any job serving a Royal at their residence is the lowest status job. Being a maid servant is one step higher, though a very significant one, than being a slave. 

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