Weather in Evlantis

It is not by accident that the Queendom of Evlantis is located in a temperate climate. In their ancient herstory, when women lived as nomads, they kept detailed maps and records about the places they lived in. The women’s greatest desire was to find a place to put down permanent roots. Ancient herstory records that it was Mother Eve’s idea to collect documentation on each region’s growing season. The women found that the closer they were to an ocean or a sea, as well as being in a region with four seasons made a difference in the longevity of the growing season. 

One year, after traveling north and experiencing a harsh winter that seemed to never end, Mother Eve had their community travel in a new direction. After a few years they came to a mountain range. They skirted the mountains until they came to a magnificently beautiful mountain that the Priestess of that day proclaimed had the blessing of the goddess Ephrea and advised Mother Eve that they needed to climb the mountain. 

Ancient documents record that as Mother Eve stood on the top of the mountain they named Mount Great Mother and took in the scene below her, she wept at the beauty she beheld. There was a body of water in the distance that seemed to stretch on forever. The land between the top of the mountain and the shore of the water was a lush verdant green. Mother Eve proclaimed they would descend the mountain and settle there for a while.

They arrived in the spring. There were four seasons their first year, which was a good sign. The summer, which had some hot days, wasn’t endlessly uncomfortable, and the winter, while there was snow now and then, wasn’t unbearably cold. The second year, the first full year they were able to farm the land, they recorded a growing season of eight months. They were able to feed their community year round without difficulty. Mother Eve, who had settled in a home near enough the ocean to enjoy the sound of the waves on the shore, declared that this region was where they would put down roots. 

And so it is, in the city of Evlantis, the weather, is known as Eve’s choice. If the weather is good, the women bless the goddess and Mother Eve. If the weather is bad, women shrug and say, “What can we do? Mother Eve chose our weather.”

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