Herstory’s Timeline

Printing presses were invented in the Queendom of Evlantis very early on in its inception. Photo from Pixabay by Mari77
Comparing the timeline of History to that of Herstory is like comparing apples and oranges. There was an ancient period of Herstory where women were involuntarily nomadic, moving from place to place as resources to feed and clothes themselves and their children ran low. The over-arching push in the development of the world women rule was to have a safe, stable place to raise children. That desire for stability was what drove huwoman invention. For example, in the women's world running water was invented long before the wheel!

There are other differences as well:

Written language developed very early on. The development of sign language was early and lasting to increase the efficacy of communication. Communication, in all forms, is greatly valued in the development of the women’s world. Knowledge is prized more highly than wealth and just slightly below status. Printing presses were another advancement that took place much earlier in Herstory than in History.

Treatments for diseases developed at a faster pace than weapons, as did gardening tools, cooking tools, and other health care tools. 

Familial relationships, particularly between mothers and daughters, were extremely important. Womankind did not splinter off into the world in smaller groups, but stayed together. 

Mankind, with their tendency toward exploration and dominance, lost their rights slowly over the years until, by the time mother Eve founded the original city of Evlantis, the men had lost their rights completely and were forced to provide the city with free labor. 

In the period of Herstory that The Queendom of Evlantis takes place in, all civilization is believed to exist within the walls of the city. Soldiers stand guard  facing the city, a vigil to keep the citizens in. There are no threats outside the walls that cannot be contained. The biggest challenges in the women's world lie within the city limits.

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