Shopping in Evlantis

The Queendom of Evlantis is a rough semi-circle set on the edge of an ocean, divided into six wedge shaped sectors: the Government sector, the Agriculture sector, the Religion sector, the Arts sector, the Livestock sector, and the Soldier sector. The People’s Palace and its grounds, including a flower garden and a petting zoo, is located where all the small ends of the wedges meet. It is in the rainbow-shaped band of land located between the grounds of the People’s Palace and the residential area of each sector that you find the Market Place of Evlantis. Everything for sale in Evlantis, to be bartered for or paid for with precious jewels, can be found in this bustling, colorful area of the city. 

The Government sector does not produce many goods, though they do produce most of the Queendom’s non-fiction books. The Government sector is one of two sectors that does not require all the market space it owns, so it rents out space to vendors who can’t get booths in their own sector’s market place. The Government market has a plethora of goods from all the sectors for sale.

The Agriculture sector is a bustling place full of stands with fruits and vegetables in season, spices, prepared foods, kiosks to snack in, and lotions and potions with medicinal value. Floral arrangements and seeds are also sold here.

The Religion sector sells incense, statues of the goddesses, and prayer books. It is in the market place of the Religion sector that pregnant women make arrangements for her birthing services: musicians, empathizers, incense, flowers, a birthing pool, and anything else a mother-to-be could desire for her special day.

The Arts sector is one of the most dense market place. Almost every woman in the sector has a slightly different talent and all types of art is available. Books of novels and poetry, paintings and sculptures, tapestries, and jewelry. Love potions and make up can be bought in this marketplace. Musical instruments are made and sold by Arts sector residents. Decorative pottery as well as dishes for food and drink are sold there also.

The Livestock sector is also a densely packed market place. The Livestock sector provides most of the Queendom’s clothing, so it has mostly shops with clothes, shoes, or hats for sale. There are also stands with animals for sale. It is here women buy their household pets, or goats or cows for milk. 

The Soldier sector’s market place is much like the Government sector, having a wide variety of goods for sale, because the space is rented out. The only time a soldier takes a booth in the market place is if she has a hobby that produces wares to sell. Even then, soldiers do not have time to sell their products. They contract with a low caste woman from another sector to do the selling for them.

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