Music of Evlantis

All the sectors of the Queendom have musicians. Musicians are held in high esteem and concerts are held regularly in all kinds of venues: theaters, Gossip Parlors, and private homes of those with high status are a few of the most common. During the summer there are musical performances outdoors in each sector’s market place. Evlantians have all types of stringed instruments, wind instruments, drums, gongs and other percussion instruments.

Not only is music entertainment, but it is also an important and necessary part of the birthing process. It would be unthinkable to give birth without at least one musician or singer present to perform birthing songs during the delivery.

Each sector tends to specialize in a style of music, though every musician dabbles in all musical styles. The musical speciality of the Government sector is similar to our classical music. Their most popular songs are ballads celebrating the lives of women who have bettered Evlantis over its Herstory set to orchestral arrangements. Some have even been turned into popular musicals performed at theaters.

The Agriculture sector’s music is similar to our “new age” style music. It’s most popular song’s lyrics celebrate growth. It is neither easy to perform, nor to sing, but it captures the mystery and imagination in a way that no other sector’s music does. It frequently incorporates sounds of nature into its songs like bird calls, the sound of the ocean waves, or wind rushing through leaves.

The Religion sector’s style of music is soulful. It expresses the struggles that women face, and lyrics tend to be supplications to the goddesses to grant mothers and their daughters long and happy lives.

The Arts sector’s music is akin to our rock and roll. The Arts sector residents are the rebels of the Queendom and express it through music that awakens the senses, makes toes tap and bodies sway with abandonment. Its lyrics are sometimes bawdy, sometimes deep, and sometimes playful.

The music of the Livestock sector is extremely popular. It mixes upbeat music with lyrics that have repeating choruses that are catchy. Their lyrics typically celebrate life and the love between mothers and daughters.

The Soldier sector specializes in acapella sing-song chants. The origin of their music was based in marching trail chants from their nomadic period. Soldier sector music is derived from the one of the earliest forms of music in the woman’s world.

Photo by Evelyn from Pexels

Scholars teach that the earliest form of music was the lullaby. The number of lullabies in the woman’s world has never been catalogued, though some have tried. Singing a child to sleep is regarded as an art form and a sacred duty. Even women who  do not have children must be ready, at a moment’s notice, to help a mother with a sleepy child send their baby to dreamland with a song.

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