Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival begins its first day in the Livestock Sector and animals are the focus of the entertainment. It is the most child-friendly day of the festival. There are attractions for the children like petting pens, pony rides, and pig races. Women can horseback ride, shop for household pets, or buy cows and goats for milk, or chickens for eggs. There are culinary delights such as yogurt dishes and specialty cheeses that the Livestock sector excels in. The first day tends to end early so mothers can get their tired-out little ones to bed.

The second day of the Festival takes place in the Agriculture Sector and the theme is advancements in medicine. There are new health products to try, spa treatments to take advantage of, and healthful meditations. Wine, used for medicinal purposes of course, flows freely and women leave this Festival day feeling refreshed and energized and motivated to pursue new health goals.

On the third day of the Festival women return to the Livestock sector one of the most looked forward to days of the week–fashion day. There are booths set up everywhere with clothing, shoes, and fashion accessories for sale. There are fashion shows where designers showcase the newest and best of clothing appropriate to wear in each of the six sectors.

The fourth day belongs to the Soldier sector. There are displays of physical prowess of the Queendoms soldiers, contests of strength and agility. There are mock battles as well as real fighting matches.

Fifth festival day takes place in the Agriculture sector and features all things food. Tables are laden with goods for sale from the harvest, as well as baked goods and other culinary specialties such as sauces and jams. There are spectacular floral arrangements.

The sixth day is hosted by the Government sector. A new theme is chosen each year by the Government festival committee and is a surprise to the citizens. The Government sector treats their day like a party, but with some type of government agenda or public service message that they feel will help the city run better.

The seventh day is hosted by the Religion sector. One theme is thanksgiving to the goddesses for another year of prosperity for the Queendom. With a goddess for every ache, desire, or need of the women, every woman can find at least service to attend that she will enjoy. Another theme is supplications to the goddesses for pregnancies. The Harvest Festival culminates in the procession to the Quickening Chambers so the first group of young women chosen by the Quickening committee may begin their duty to hopefully become blessed mothers of daughters.

Photo of the child with bunny by Anastasiya Gepp from Pexels

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