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Education in Evlantis

As wrenching as it is for a mother to let go of her daughter, mandatory education in Evlantis begins for every girl the day after her seventh birthday celebration. The only exception is for children who are diagnosed with disabilities. Those children are allowed to stay at home. It is regarded as too cruel to separate those children from their mothers, and as well as too much of a challenge for mothers to trust others with the duties required to care for their special little one. 

It is one of the sacred duties of the priestesses to educate the precious daughters of the Queendom. To be a teacher is one of the most prestigious jobs there is. Though Priestesses take vows of celibacy and cannot be mothers themselves, the status of Teacher confers all the benefits that becoming a mother bestows.

There are many buildings of education housed in the Religion Sector, including the Great Library. In their early years of education, young girls are taught reading, writing, herstory, and etiquette. In their middle years they are taught literature, science, advanced herstory and everything about birth and childcare. In the final years of education they concentrate on city government and sector life. All students are taught the basics of the specialties of each sector, then complete apprenticeships in each of the six sectors to help them choose which one to apply to at age fifteen when their mandatory education is complete. 

Education in the Religion Sector can continue beyond age fifteen in for some women. Physicians can take courses to increase their understanding of disease and treatments. There are advanced degrees offered in the Religion sector for farmers, journalists, and those who care for animals. There are also classes offered for the residents of the Religion Sector for those who wish to rise in the hierarchy of the ranks of the Priestesses as well as for those who wish to become Teachers.

There are highly specialized courses of advanced education for women who wish to excel in the fields of government, the arts, fashion, or the military also. Those advanced degrees must be earned, respectively, in the Government sector, the Arts sector, the Livestock sector and the Soldier sector. To better oneself by getting a higher education is valued in the Queendom of Evlantis.

September 28, 2013

On the Threshold
On the Threshold

It seems appropriate that while my sixteen-year-old daughter is chasing her dream of modeling/acting at a not-so-local event, I am holed up in a hotel still chasing mine. A rare entire-day to edit my second book has come along, slightly more than forty-eight hours before I let go of the financial tether that my day job has provided and leap into a new venture with a fair amount of risk. The new venture affords me time to write daily, a clear avenue onto my personal Street of Dreams.

The drive into Syracuse—the cozy, hilly city nestled between the thumb and Finger Lakes in Central NY—last night was breathtaking. The autumn foliage was nothing less than spectacular. Deer grazed at the edge of the thruway in spots as the sunlight faded poetically from day to night during the drive. It was an out-of-the-ordinary drive into an out-of-the-ordinary editing adventure!

It is no wonder that before I settle down to the work slicing and dicing the final draft of Sephora’s Revenge that the reality of quitting my day job has finally sunk in. I love the work I’ve done for the past five years, but I’m at a place where it is interfering with my writing. I wonder if I’ll be able to make enough money in the coming months to pay for groceries, medicine, pet food, and gas. It was a sure thing with the day job. Am I crazy as a loon to be leaving or as smart as a fox? Am I talking to myself now, asking rhetorical animal questions while I could be using my eagle eye to edit? Absolutely, which means it is time to close this file and click into another. The reverie was short and sweet. Time for action…Evlantis, here I come!