Child Rearing Wisdom from Evlantis

Karen, my friend, looking radiant at her baby shower, 03-08-2015
Karen, my friend, looking radiant at her baby shower, 03-08-2015

Child Rearing Wisdom from Evlantis 

There’s a fine short story behind this list of Evlantian Wisdom. A friend of mine, Karen, told me she was pregnant and then found out she was having a daughter. One thought led to another and soon I had a list of Evlantian lore-popular during the rule of High Queen Rachel-to share with my friend. Then I realized the list would make a fine blog. I asked Karen to be my model, and she agreed.  Thank you, Karen and daughter!


Child Rearing Wisdom, Evlantis Style

There is no higher purpose, no higher calling in life than to be chosen by Ephrea, the Lifegiver, to bear and raise a daughter. This calling is a mighty and holy purpose and the goddess would not have chosen you if you were not worthy. Hold your head high, holy mother, and know that when you need the strength and wisdom of the goddesses when walking the path of motherhood that if you cry out to Ephrea she will then dispense a goddess to answer you. (Attributed to Allurnius, First High Priestess/Low Queen of the Religion Sector of Evlantis)

Friends and Lovers come and go, a Daughter is forever. (Unknown)

Each day with a daughter hold infinite blessings. Find each one and celebrate it well, for as the daughter goes, so goes the future of Evlantis. Blessings bring more blessings, while curses increase curses. (Attributed to High Queen Cleopas the Wise)

Look Well, Ponder Well 

Look well in the mirror and see the face of your GrandMother. Ponder the wisdom you gained from her and pass it on to your daughter.

Look well in the mirror and see the face of your Mother. Ponder the wisdom you gained from her and pass it on to your Daughter. Ponder the follies that made her huwoman and resolve to pass new strengths and not her old ones, on to the next generation of womankind in your care.

Look well in the mirror and see your own face. Ponder well your strengths, your wisdom, your learning and pass what is good down to your daughter. Ponder well your weaknesses, your shortcomings and your ignorance and strive to be a better woman so that your daughter may learn to handle her own huwomanity and shortcomings with grace and dignity by watching you deal with your own.

Look well, Ponder well, and when you are overwhelmed, remember, no woman, save Mother Eve, was the ideal woman.

(by the Poetess Gralalia. In High Queen Rachel’s day, school children had to memorize this in their third year of school and later, recite it by heart to a priestess as part of the pre-quickening rituals. Young women were also expected, at that time, to name seven of their strengths and three of their weaknesses, and to explain who their strengths and weaknesses were inherited from, to show that they had taken to poem to heart.)

Keep in mind that the Daughter that vexes you may someday be your Queen. (Sapheera of the Arts)

Every day in Evlantis is Daughter’s Day. (High Queen Rachel, the year her womb-born daughter Rebekkah survived the plague)

It is never too early to celebrate Mother’s Day. (Low Queen Sephora of the Arts Sector)

Blessed be the woman who bears and raises a daughter who bears and raises a daughter! Her name shall be entered into the Evlantian Book of Life. Cursed and shamed is the woman who bears three sons, her name will be shunned from the Herstorical Record and she shall live as a ghost among the living, fruitful women. Better for her to have gone unborn than to have quickened inferior beings and no daughters. (Ancient saying attributed to Morvutti, the first known midwife.)

In thee household let thy daughter be a Princess, but never forget! Thou art the Queen. (Ancient saying attributed to Mother Eve)