Flat Tire Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday 2014 I discovered that changing a tire is like riding a bicycle—it is a skill that you don’t forget!
I discovered that changing a tire is like riding a bicycle—it is a skill that you don’t forget!


Back when I was a teenager, I asked my dad to teach me how to change a flat tire and he did. Not even a week after that, one of my tires blew out while I was driving and I got to practice my new skill. Sometime between that day and this one “they” invented services that will come to your car and change your tire for you, so I retired my tire changing skills…until Easter 2014. That’s when I learned that changing a tire is like riding a bicycle. Once you learn how, you never forget! Here’s how to change a tire using my method:




  1. Choose a major holiday and plan a busy day.
  2. Dress up.
  3. Promise a friend you will drive her to church and pull into her driveway fifteen minutes before the service starts.
  4. As you back out of her driveway hear the sound the car makes when one tire is flat.
  5. Jump out of the car to assess just how flat it is. Air low: you can drive a very short distance. Air completely gone (rim resting on the street): don’t drive anywhere, no matter how badly you want to get your friend to church on time. Riding on a tire rim turns an inexpensive repair job into a phenomenally expensive one. I know this from experience.
  6. Get out of the way of traffic.
  7. Head to the trunk to find the jack, the thing to take the bolts off with, and the spare tire. Display these items near you.
  8. Begin to unscrew the bolts on the hub cap.
  9. Be approached by a kind gentleman who asks if you need help. (This happens every time.)
  10. Say “Yes! Thank you!”
  11. If you have a friend who needs to get to church on time in the car, divide the tasks for the tire up and keep working. For you: remove the hub cap, look for WD 30 in the car when it would help the kind gent to have some, and later, put the decorative piece back on. For the gent: jack up the car, remove the bolts on the flat tire, remove the flat tire, put the spare tire on in its place, and put the bolts back on.
  12. Offer effusive thanks to the kind gent as you merrily fling the flat tire, the jack and the thing to take the bolts off with in the back seat of your car and speed away!

With my heart racing and my hands grimy I made it to the front door of my friend’s church one minute before the service started! I still can’t believe it.