First Farm Share Day!

My First Farm Share Haul 6-13-13

Picture, if you can, the exuberance with which Steve Martin greeted the delivery of the phonebook in the movie “The Jerk.” That is how I feel today. The skies are grey and rivers of rain are flowing down the street outside my window, but nothing can dampen the great joy I feel that later tonight I’ll be driving to the country to pick up my very first portion of farm share produce!

This illustrates a drastic transition in my life. For most of my life fruits and veggies fell into one of two categories: punishment (spinach, squash, peas) or extravagant treat (cherries, pears.)* My rapid and permanent transition to fruit and veggie fandom began soon after my youngest daughter, at the age of six, was diagnosed with juvenile (insulin dependant) diabetes. Since that day fruits and veggies have moved from a token spot on my grocery list to a staple: at least a quarter of the items on my weekly grocery list are found in the produce department. I can’t speak for the rest of my family, but I personally have grown to love them.

I’d heard about farm shares. I’d wanted a farm share. When someone close to me offered to split the cost of one and share the share I said yes! That was an entire half-a-year ago. Every shopping trip since then I’ve longed for this day. A haul of locally grown, organic veggies with my name on it is waiting for me at a farm twenty-six miles away…hooray! Today is the day! It’s Farm Share Day! It’s Farm Share Day!

*A side note: when I was a child I discovered I could fool mom into thinking I’d eaten my vegetables by taking an infinitesimal spoonful of veggies when she wasn’t looking and mash them up into bits. When mom would turn, as she always did, to ask if I had eaten my veggies, I would reply, “Yes, I did, see the (corn, bean, beet) guts on my plate?”