Travel Ban of Evlantis

The Queendom of Evlantis is surrounded by a huge wall, not to keep threats out, but to keep its six-thousand citizens in. Soldiers stand guard on the wall facing the city. Early in women’s herstory they were nomadic. Some women of Evlantis still shudder at the mention of those days. The Queendom-the city ruled by women for women-is everything their foremother’s dreamed of. No one goes hungry, every woman has a roof over her head, and all children are safe from harm. Every woman is needed for the city’s continued success. It is taboo in the city to express a desire to explore the world. Beyond the lands the city uses is a forest which is regarded by most with fear.

There are many women whose work takes them outside the city walls. Some sectors have guarded gates to the lands outside the city proper. The Agriculture sector has many gates so farm women and doctors can access their crops on the lands east of the city. The Livestock sector also has multiple gates so they can tend to the animals in their care on pasture lands to the west of the city. Soldiers have training fields and the hot springs outside their section of the wall. The Arts sector has a gate for those whose craft requires inspiration or supplies from nature. 

The Religion sector has the most ornate gate. They tend a path that leads to the top of Mount Great Mother. Religious excursions to the mountaintop takes days and attracts the most devout followers of the goddesses as well as women who secretly wish to see more of the world.

Every gate is guarded, and it is one of the duties of the Soldier sector to make sure all who leave through a gate returns. On the rare occasion that someone is missing, specially trained tracking soldiers go and find them.

Though access to the lands outside the city walls is limited and monitored, the women of Evlantis may travel freely throughout the city. None of the six sectors ban other residents from their property.  

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