The Origin of the City of Evlantis, the city where The Queendom of Evlantis and Sephora’s Revenge take place

The city of Evlantis was centuries old. It had been founded by Eve, the Mother of all Huwomanity, but abandoned when the area was depleted of game, and when drought fell upon the land. For a while, so the records of herstory reveal, women and men lived as nomads. The Mother of all Huwomanity was said to have lived 939 years. In the latter years of her life she expressed a wish to return to the city she founded. Returning to the ruins of the abandoned city, her people found the area rich in game, and fresh water was plentiful. Structures were patched and re-built upon the early foundations of the city, and the Mother of all Huwomanity died surrounded by her people in the place she loved most on earth.

It was common knowledge that the Mother of all Huwomanity held a fierce bitterness and prejudice against men, a trait that she passed on to her daughters. There were many legends explaining how the Great Mother of All came to walk upon the earth pregnant and alone. The most popular legend told of how the goddesses had created the Great Mother in their image. Afterward, they created a man to impregnate her. That man abandoned her, not realizing that she was superior to him as the bearer of huwoman life. There was nothing but loneliness and death for him, so the legend went.

Yet the goddesses had not been kind to the abandoned Eve. The Mother of All had borne the curse of twin sons. In her bitterness she ruled them with an iron hand, until one rose up and slew the other in a fit of jealous rage for a favor she had justly shown. The grief this caused pushed her bitterness into full-fledged hatred, and she counseled her daughters and many generations of granddaughters never to give their hearts to men. She taught her descendants to see men as treacherous beings, inferior to woman.

Women had never liked the nomadic life. The leaders who ruled after the Great Mother made improvements in the city. Women could achieve favored status by making discoveries in the fields of animal husbandry, farming, the arts of subduing men, medical science, self-defense, and other life skills that would allow them to stay at their home hearths instead of roaming from place to place.

The Great Mother’s legacy of hatred toward mankind took root in her children and their children until, over many centuries, men’s rights were obliterated completely. They became slaves to the women, valued only for their ability to do physical labor and to impregnate the women as and when it was demanded of them.


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