Celebrations in the Queendom

The Queendom of Evlantis is made up of six clique-like sectors, each has its own government and customs. What each woman celebrates depends on both which sector she was raised in and the sector she is assigned to live in. 

The Harvest Festival is the one celebration that is a city-wide event. Originally it was a religious event to thank the goddesses for the fall harvest. Over the centuries it evolved into a celebration where each sector tries to outdo the next with displays and amusements.

Harvest Festival takes place in the fall, and each sector hosts at least one day of the event. Officially the celebration lasts eight days and culminates in the first Quickening assignments of the season. Unofficially it is nine days with a celebration in the Arts sector before the official celebration begins. Women gather to party and sate their baser appetites before the more wholesome, family-oriented fun of the rest of the week begins. The first unofficial day in the Arts Sector culminates late in the evening in an almost taboo tradition…the Fanny Dance, where women who are so inclined gather in the Amphitheater of the Arts to watch men strip for entertainment.

While there are other celebrations that all women agree are important, such as Birthdays, the sectors disagree about the best way to celebrate them. Since the primary relationship in Evlantis is the one between mother’s and their daughters, Mother’s Day and Daughter’s Day are two celebrations that are held on the same day in the Queendom, but celebrated in different ways in each sector. It is up to each sector whether true outsiders (those who were neither born there or current citizens) may attend. For example, only Soldiers may attend and compete for the coveted Best Athlete award, but all citizens are invited to the Agriculture’s Summer Solstice Revelry.

Then there are dozens of celebrations that are unique to each sector. A few examples are listed below:

Government sector: Constitution Day, Queen for a Day, Mother of the Year.

Agriculture sector: Spring First Planting Celebration, Summer Solstice Revelry, Spa Day.

Religion sector: Mother Eve’s Day, Goddess of Life Feast Day, and the Land of the Dead Celebration Day. 

Arts sector: Day of Wine and Song, Day of Song and Dance, Celebration of the Goddess of the Muse.

Livestock sector: Best of Show Livestock competition, Symposium for Fashion Invention, Spring Celebration of Life.

Soldier sector: Day to Honor Soldiers of Herstory, Best Athlete competition, Goddess Marsa Celebration.

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