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Evlantian Rite of Passage: Sector Choice

One of the most important rites of passage in Evlantian culture is choosing one’s life path and therefore which Sector one will dwell in.

Every Evlantian daughter is expected to make this decision by the age of fifteen. It is a momentous decision because she will live in this Sector the rest of her life.

The process starts in the Education system. Each treasured daughter completes internships in the main life disciplines in each Sector.

  • Governing (Government Sector)
  • Agriculture (Agriculture Sector)
  • Medicine (Agriculture Sector)
  • Art, Theater, Music (Arts Sector)
  • Devotion to the Goddesses (Religious Sector)
  • Teaching (Religion Sector)
  • Animal Care (Livestock Sector)
  • Fashion (Livestock Sector)
  • Military Training (Soldier Sector)

At key points in a daughter’s education, homework assignments and assessments are given to assist her in this process of self-discovery, often involving the participation of her mother. This helps the young woman learn her strengths and determination in which Sector she may find the most happiness and fulfillment, and give the best contribution to Evlantis.

An application may be completed any time between the ages of twelve and fifteen for the Sector a girl desires to live in upon the onset of menses.

The final determination of the Sector that each girl will live and work in for the rest of her days is made by a Government committee and is based mainly upon the needs of the State, how many openings in each Sector there are, what talents each Sector is in need of and, finally, the status of the girl’s mother.

Stage Two of a Woman’s Life

Stage Two: Age of Self-Discovery – Seventh Birthday through Motherhood

Marked by learning in all its forms, these days are more difficult than those of First Childhood, but exciting at the same time. Each girl sheds the vestiges of childhood as she takes on the responsibilities of citizenship. The delights of learning are balanced with the difficulties of choosing a life path to walk and thus which Sector to live in. During this stage is the fiery trial of separating from one’s own mother.

The Soldier Sector

Talia, a woman of great strength in our time and place, agreed to be the model Evlantian solider!
Talia, a woman of great strength in our time and place, agreed to be the model Evlantian solider!
Talia placed in a competition and graciously let me use this updated picture my blog!

In a city of blood feuds and cat fights, an army of strong, smart women is essential. The Soldier Sector attracts residents for whom physical fitness is a top priority. Being a soldier in a city of women also requires a great deal of intelligence and intuition; psychological tactics keep the women of the Queendom in line, while brawn keeps the male slaves subdued.

The Soldier Sector works hand-in-glove with the High Queen and the Government Sector. The troops are least likely to be seen on duty in the Religion Sector and are most often assigned to work in the Arts Sector where the greatest amount of mayhem occurs. The soldiers keep order and solve crimes. They guard prisoners and slaves, as well as patrol to keep the citizens in the great city. They drill and train to stay combat ready. There have been no wars fought in the recent herstory of Evlantis, but smart rulers know the importance of keeping a fighting force ready.

In addition to their physical strength and their tactical expertise, most soldiers’ strengths include: logic, a love or order, loyalty to their comrades in arms, and a highly competitive nature. It is the only Sector where there are tests to weed out applicants. It is one of two Sectors where the women take vows of chastity.IMG_3141


The Livestock Sector

The City of Evlantis is ruled by women, for women. The city is divided into six clique-like sectors.

My sister (dressed as a princess) riding her horse, Maarz (dressed as a dragon) at a horse show. When I asked her if I could use this picture she responded, “As long as Maarz gets credit!”

The women of the Livestock Sector have the “critter gene”! They love animals, and that love is returned in kind. These women are conscientious, responsible, and effective. They are the shepherdesses and keepers of the flocks. They breed animals to be pets for other sectors. In addition to tending animals, they specialize in fashions, having a monopoly on wool and furs. Their love for the animal queendom is often blamed for the high rate of convictions and deaths of those citizens who break the ban of love between women and men-slaves.

The Religion Sector

A friend wasn’t able to model for this blog…so I used pictures of my Grandma Polly. She was a missionary to Singapore in the 1950s. I had fun looking through all the photos.

The City of Evlantis is ruled by women, for women. The city is divided into six clique-like sectors.

The Religion Sector attracts women of great vision and intuition. They are in touch with their spiritual nature, aware that the world and everyone in it is connected by far more than our senses can take in. Part of what fulfills women in the Religion Sector is finding and fostering growth in others around them. In their religion, there is a goddess for every want or need known to women, and the priestesses guide the women of the other Sectors to properly supplicate to the goddesses to meet their needs. Another vital function the priestesses fill is to educate the children of Evlantis.

The Agriculture Sector

The City of Evlantis is ruled by women, for women. The city is divided into six clique-like sectors.

The Agriculture Sector of Evlantis attracts two types of women: those with a gift for nurturing plants and those with a gift for nurturing people. These women are intelligent and possess an ability to get work done. They tend to find beauty everywhere, and they have a propensity to heal whatever is broken. In many ways the Agriculture Sector is the most prestigious of the Sectors, because without the fruits of the Agriculture Sector, the people of the Queendom would die of starvation and disease.

The Government Sector

Rose has been in management since she was 18; first she managed one coffee shop, then two…now she has moved on to a grocery store!

The City of Evlantis is ruled by women, for women. The city is divided into six clique-like sectors.

The women of the Government Sector love law and order. They enjoy solving problems, especially in committee. They enjoy passing laws to make things in the Queendom run smoothly, and they like the admiration they receive for their high status in society. There is a lot more to Government than meets the eye. In order to keep the City of Evlantis in line with the Constitution handed down by Mother Eve, a good politician must know when to apply the law and when to turn a blind eye to infractions. The women of the Government Sector are wonderful hostesses. True, the pressure they put on themselves to make everything perfect tends to attract high-strung women, but the Queendom would fall apart without their contributions to the public good: passing new laws, reviewing and destroying archaic laws, running the courts, and working with the Soldier Sector to ensure the Queendom is as peaceful as huwomanely possible.

The Origin of the City of Evlantis, the city where The Queendom of Evlantis and Sephora’s Revenge take place

The city of Evlantis was centuries old. It had been founded by Eve, the Mother of all Huwomanity, but abandoned when the area was depleted of game, and when drought fell upon the land. For a while, so the records of herstory reveal, women and men lived as nomads. The Mother of all Huwomanity was said to have lived 939 years. In the latter years of her life she expressed a wish to return to the city she founded. Returning to the ruins of the abandoned city, her people found the area rich in game, and fresh water was plentiful. Structures were patched and re-built upon the early foundations of the city, and the Mother of all Huwomanity died surrounded by her people in the place she loved most on earth.

It was common knowledge that the Mother of all Huwomanity held a fierce bitterness and prejudice against men, a trait that she passed on to her daughters. There were many legends explaining how the Great Mother of All came to walk upon the earth pregnant and alone. The most popular legend told of how the goddesses had created the Great Mother in their image. Afterward, they created a man to impregnate her. That man abandoned her, not realizing that she was superior to him as the bearer of huwoman life. There was nothing but loneliness and death for him, so the legend went.

Yet the goddesses had not been kind to the abandoned Eve. The Mother of All had borne the curse of twin sons. In her bitterness she ruled them with an iron hand, until one rose up and slew the other in a fit of jealous rage for a favor she had justly shown. The grief this caused pushed her bitterness into full-fledged hatred, and she counseled her daughters and many generations of granddaughters never to give their hearts to men. She taught her descendants to see men as treacherous beings, inferior to woman.

Women had never liked the nomadic life. The leaders who ruled after the Great Mother made improvements in the city. Women could achieve favored status by making discoveries in the fields of animal husbandry, farming, the arts of subduing men, medical science, self-defense, and other life skills that would allow them to stay at their home hearths instead of roaming from place to place.

The Great Mother’s legacy of hatred toward mankind took root in her children and their children until, over many centuries, men’s rights were obliterated completely. They became slaves to the women, valued only for their ability to do physical labor and to impregnate the women as and when it was demanded of them.


The Arts Sector

The Arts Sector houses the creative women of the city of Evlantis. Only women with extraordinary talent may apply for citizenship in this Sector: the painters, the writers, the musicians, the dancers, the actresses, and the sculptors. The other five Sectors provide services necessary for the survival the Queendom. The women of the Arts Sector must survive on their ingenuity for they provide works of aesthetic pleasure.

The women of the Arts Sector value emotional expression. They love to an extreme and hate to an extreme. It is the Sector where the laws are tested and most often broken. It is the Sector where the most murders are committed. There is a rivalry between the women of the Arts Sector and the women of the Soldier Sector because of their oppositional ideologies.