Juliet Y. Mark

Juliet Y. Mark is the author of Herstory, an alternate History timeline where women rule and dominate the earth. The Unfallen series begins in The Queendom of Evlantis where the rights of men have eroded. Strong female characters bring this story to life and the first book introduces readers to this matriarchal society where the primary hu(wo)man relationships exist between mothers and daughters. Ava, a mysterious stranger with extraordinary abilities and a different point of view, becomes embroiled in the political upheaval in The Queendom of Evlantis. It is the life of Ava, her voice growing more distinct and stronger in each novel, that the first six books in the series follow.

Juliet Yvonne Mark was born in Rochester, New York in the 1960s. The oldest of four siblings, Juliet spent her childhood and adolescence in a rural town outside of Rochester. After graduating from high school, she spent part of a year at a Bible college in Dallas, Texas, where she discovered she wanted to pursue a degree in Psychology.

This decision led her to Monroe Community College in Rochester, N.Y. She earned the credits necessary for an associate’s degree in Math and Science, then spent the balance of her twenties in Food Service Management, a profession she worked her way into while supporting herself through college.

Before she turned thirty she moved west to the “Queen City,” and completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the State University at Buffalo. Her thirties and forties were divided between work in the field of psychology and stay-at-home motherhood. Juliet is the proud mother of two wonderful daughters.

Over the years, she has held various part-time jobs to supplement her income, all of which have contributed to her  rich life experiences. These include hawking beer at a baseball stadium, assembling circuit boards, waitressing, and working as a garbage man.

Currently, Juliet divides her time between several part-time jobs: writing, retail work, and teaching classes. In her spare time she keeps fit, plays Words With Friends, does counted cross-stitch, and chats with her friends around the world.

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